Soil Panel


Soil Panel

Soil Panel is a patented proprietary Permacrib system used on new highways, road widening and building platform excavations where embankment cuts form steep sloping faces. Slopes up to 70 degrees are progressively reinforced from the top down using modified soil nailing techniques (drilled and grouted steel rods). However in place of unsightly and often poorly performing shotcrete rendering (sprayed concrete) Permacrib's Soil Panel provides a permanently topsoiled and vegetated face. 

The heavier rear mesh of the Soil Panel is bolted to the ends of the soil nails and provides the structural support to the embankment face. The outer geotextile-lined mesh forms a 200mm deep cage which is filled with top soil. Permanent vegetation is established by hydroseeding a custom designed mix of grass onto the top soil face. 

All Soil Panel mesh is heavily galvanized &/or PVC coated to ensure 100 year design life.

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